Actor Seeks Role

New York, NY

An aspiring method actor (Alex Karpovsky) in New York City resorts to medical acting, a part-time gig performing the symptoms of various illnesses for student doctors. Although his talents are overlooked for traditional roles on stage and screen, they catch the attention of a medical instructor (Dylan Baker) with a flair for the theatric.

The Families Project with Betty Crocker

New York, New Mexico, Maryland

Marriage and family have changed more in the last few decades than they had in the last few centuries prior. The percentage of new interracial marriages has gone up more than six times in fifty years; the time dads spend with their kids has tripled, and the number of same-sex couples living together has almost doubled since 2000 alone.

The traditional definition of family is being replaced with something more mixed, more accepting, and a little harder to fit into words. That’s why we’ve been working with Betty Crocker on what they’re calling The Families Project. We wanted to meet real families and find out what’s changing, what isn’t, and how they’re making it all work.

Better With Pets

Mansfield, OH

Purina believes that with pets, we can push limits, defy misconceptions and achieve more. We’ve teamed up with them to try to capture that usually indescribable bond by documenting stories of pets and their owners who have accomplished things together they never could have on their own.

Aishti Fashion with Sagmeister & Walsh

New York, NY

Aishti is the undisputed fashion and luxury products market leader in Lebanon. New York design firm Sagmeister & Walsh is known for its experimental typography and striking visual imagery. Together they have come up with some of the most innovative fashion campaigns of the past few years, taking the vibrant nature of the brand and illustrating it in powerful photographs that are printed in newspapers, magazines, and billboards throughout Lebanon.

William and the Windmill, Feature Documentary (now screening)

Malawi, South Africa, United States

“William and the Windmill” is a feature-length documentary that tells the true story of William Kamkwamba, a young innovator from Malawi, Africa who taught himself to generate electricity by building a windmill from found materials and scrap parts. The film illustrates how imagination and ingenuity can inspire a family, a village, and a nation.

Brooklyn Farmer: A Portrait of Urban Farming (now screening)

Brooklyn, NY

“Brooklyn Farmer” explores the unique challenges facing Brooklyn Grange, a group of urban farmers who endeavor to run a commercially viable farm within the landscape of New York City. As their growing operation expands to a second roof, the team confronts the realities inherent in operating the world’s largest rooftop farm in one of the world’s biggest cities.

Palimpsest (now screening)

New York, NY

Peter, a successful house tuner in New York City, meets Ellen while consulting on her apartment. As a house tuner, Peter offers his clients a unique form of therapy that examines minute details in living spaces.  As is the case with Ellen, more is revealed about her environment than she knows.

The Happy Film (in post-production)

New York, Bali, UK, Austria

The Happy Film is a feature length documentary that takes a look at the strategies serious psychologists recommend to improve one’s personal well-being and overall happiness.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark (in post-production)

New York, NY

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is perhaps Broadway’s most famous musical production. It ranks as the theater district’s most technically advanced, most expensive, and certainly most press worthy show.

Portraits of Thailand


As part of the “Emerging Thailand” documentary project, a collaboration with MIT Economics Professor Dr. Robert Townsend and The Enterprise Initiative, we created a series of short films that profile business owners throughout Thailand.  These short-format portraits capture the unique lifestyles and work ethics of a range of Thai entrepreneurs within the beautiful settings afforded by their country.  View the entire portrait series on vimeo.

Director - Anthony Mathile
Producer - Ben Nabors
Cinematography - Todd Banhazl
Additional Camera - Anthony Mathile
Editors – Jenny Filippazzo Spenser Holsten, Francis McDonald, Carlos Pavan